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A Magpie’s Emporium

I love vintage, I've always loved vintage. Some of my fondest memories as a child were playing dress up. My parents always had a dress up chest full of old clothing, hats, shoes and costume jewellery, they set it up in front of a mirror and I was hooked on a look. 

My parents refusal to buy the latest trends forced me to carve my own personal style from an early age. I never fit in with the trendy crowd but I was always okay with that, I had something different, I had something that told a story. I love vintage clothing as it offers a quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness that is lacking in today's market of high street, fast fashion.

Tara in vintage dress

As children, beautiful items were never off limits, we were encouraged to wear the expensive jewellery, eat off the fine china and to be tactile with the art in our home. My brother and I were brought along to every garage sale, estate auction and thrift store, looking for a bargain. Every summer my family held a few huge yard sales. I was the head organizer, workhorse and top seller year after year, I spent most of my earnings on more vintage clothing, many pieces that are still part of my current personal collection. 

After leaving home I was drawn to vintage stores and flea markets all over the world and would make an itinerary, and map out a full day of second hand store trawling (much to my husband Kevin's dismay).  Sometimes I would just go into the shop only to make comparisons, but more often than not I would buy an item to keep as the sole souvenir of my travels. Some of these worldly finds will be featured in A Magpie's Emporium.

As our parents have aged and have needed some assistance in downsizing, helping them edit their homes and bring lost trinkets and memories to the surface was truly exciting. Again, some of the items here at the Emporium come from our families and extended families. Preserving the past is something that both of our families have taken very seriously, but it seems like the right time to let things go and see them off to a new home to be appreciated again. 

We believe in the quality and craftsmanship of vintage but we do not shy away from well made items of the present day either. We believe in giving items a second chance, sustainability is truly important to us, and while we’re not perfect at it, we try, and we know that every effort no matter how small helps move us toward reducing waste. 

Fast fashion isn’t for us. We have of course tried it here and there, but it just didn’t feel right. We would much rather open our wardrobe and see well crafted, long lasting and eclectic clothing and accessories waiting to be worn. Knowing so many of those items have a story, a history and have brought their memories with them gives them a soul and character that the high street simply can not compete with. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and seeing the items we have collected and curated from all over the world, both vintage and modern day. Here at A Magpie’s Emporium we want to  help you add something eclectic to your personal collection that will stand the test of time.

A Magpie’s Ethos:

To offer our customers great service, while striving to drive sustainability and reduce waste by sourcing quality, affordable vintage and retro clothing and goods.